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Friday, 13th February 2009   Introducing the new IE 8 staticICE accelerator

staticICE is proud to announce the Microsoft approved staticICE accelerator for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

Current IE 8 users are able to take advantage of the new previewed enabled accelerator feature to see price comparison previews on any web site or gain quick access to the staticICE search results by simply highlighting some text.

"The new Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 help you quickly perform your everyday browsing tasks without navigating to other websites to get things done. Simply highlight text from any webpage, and then click on the blue Accelerator icon that appears above your selection to ... search with ease ... and get an in-place preview ... displayed directly on the page."

Example of the IE 8 accelerator experience:

1. Here is a standard product review on which shows just the RRP.
2. Simply highlight the product name and click on the little blue Accelerator icon that appears.
3. Hover your mouse over the "Find product with staticICE" and a live preview price comparison appears!
4. Alternatively, click on the "Find product with staticICE" and you will be taken directly to the full staticICE search results.

Download link: Install staticICE IE 8 accelerator
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: Visit the Microsoft IE 8 home page

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